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SEO Services in Islamabad are in high demand. People seem to have realized the potential of Search Engine Optimization and the enormous amount of business it can bring. It is highly likely that you found us on Google while looking for SEO Services in Islamabad or software houses in Islamabad. Or maybe something similar. It is likely that you become our client in the coming few days. This is exactly how we can bring customers to your website.

We will optimize your website to rank well on all the major search engines. People who are looking for the services or products that are related to your industry, we will make them rush to your website. The potential of customers may expand from a few thousand to millions. We have a skilled team to provide you with the best SEO services in Islamabad. We guarantee positive results.

SEO Services mainly consist of two major elements. The on page SEO services that are the techniques that we implement on your website. These techniques result in the optimization that search engines like to see. This way the ranking becomes easier. Off page SEO services consist of everything that we do off of your website. This is where the uplift starts, only if the on page optimization is perfect.

Technical SEO is another important element that most SEO Experts tend to ignore. This involves following certain rules and providing search engines with important information. For example, a robot.txt file informs search engines of the pages and directories that Google does not need to crawl. A schema tells google about the most important content on a website. Our SEO Experts will do it all to rank your website on the first page ef Google.

Stop waiting for the right time. We can make things right by implementing the finest growth strategies. Contact Us now to discuss your goals. We will take it from there.

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Your website is just a piece of decoration if it does not appear on Google. If you are wondering what enables a website to appear on Google. Let us tell you, it is the Search Engine Optimization. SEO refers to a technique that standardizes a website according to the search engines. These search engines then crawl the website easily, get the pages indexed and then rank them according to the rules they have. SEO services in Islamabad are in high demand these days. People have seen the power of appearing on the first page of Google.

We at Techuire have acquired the skills and experience to rank websites on the first page of Google. You found us because we ourselves are ranked, right? This is exactly how your customers are going to find you on google. This is how you are going to get business.

Is your web development company is aware of the importance of SEO services? Have you been thinking of getting hundreds of thousands of target audience from the world’s most used search engine, Google? If not, then you are making a mistake. You must consider SEO Services if you are in a mood the enjoy the benefits of a website.

SEO Services in Islamabad – Facts and Stats

We explained the importance of Search Engine Optimization in the first few lines. Google can serve as a huge shopping mall with millions of customers looking for products or services that you are selling. If your website is among the top 10 search results on the first page of Google, you are likely to get customers effortlessly. All you have to do is hire the best SEO services company in Pakistan and let them work on your websites’ on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization. You will not be paying huge amounts in rents, that you would pay in the shopping malls, instead, you will just have to bear the SEO expenses for a few months. You found us on Google, right? We will be selling you some of our services as well. Isn’t it great? We are getting customers in our sleep.

If you are not aware of the SEO services already, let us explain to you the basics. The major parts of Search Engine Optimization include the following

  • On-page SEO services
  • Off-page SEO services
  • Technical SEO services – Mostly connected with the on-page SEO.

Let’s go deep into the details of these

1- On-page SEO

On-page Search Engine Optimization is all about standardizing your web pages according to Google. See if it is Google that decides which website will be ranked on the first page of Google. Then the standards that it has set have to be implemented on the web pages first. These standards include a lot of stuff. Let us explain the on-page Search Engine Optimization elements that Google requires.

    i- Color Scheme

Google requires your website to have a color scheme that is attractive. That can split the major content with the minor and enhance the cornerstone content. If your website has dozens of colors but that is making the content look bad, you are in trouble. If your website has one base color used with white color but the content displays eye catchy, you will just do fine. You might already have seen most of the larger firms have a bi-color website color scheme. They have one base color mixed with white. Your SEO experts need to recommend the best color scheme for your website.

    ii- Navigation

This refers to navigating around different pages on your website. If a user goes to the services page, you should show breadcrumb so he can bounce back to the page where he landed in the first place. The user must know at all points where he is and where he can go ahead. You must never add pages without a link to the navigation or must never add a link to the navigation without a page. Avoid 404 errors and handle the existing ones using redirects. SEO services in Pakistan by SHIP include a fix for these elements. Not many SEO companies in Pakistan are into navigation and color scheme correction. This is one reason why their SEO services are not as effective as those of ours.

    iii- Meta Tags – Appropriate presentation of the content to Google

Meta tags are for the search engines. You need to tell Google the title and the description of each page. This way, Google will know what your web page is about. If you fail to do so, Google might not understand the focus keyword for a particular page. If might rank your page for a service that you are not providing or it just might not rank it at all. In both cases, you will be losing your customers. SEO experts take this job very seriously. Most SEO companies tend to work on the meta tags in the first phase.

    iv- Page Speed

If your website takes longer than 4 to 8 seconds to load. Your visitor might just close the page and find another. You do not want that, right? Google takes the page speed into account. It ranks websites that load faster so that the user has a better experience. If a user does not see relevant and quality results on Google, it might hurt Google as well. This is why the search engine is very careful about ranking the websites that benefit the users the most. As an SEO company in Pakistan provider, SHIP makes sure that you are up to the mark according to the Google Standards. If Google loves your website, you are in luck.

    v- Trust Score

Trust score is being calculated by MOZ. A tool that most SEO experts use to analyze the website rankings. Trust score of a website is extremely important. It also involves scripts and cookies that are used by your scripts. If you do not know how to code, you might not understand this point. Your SEO services company needs to have web developers who can solve these problems as well. There are certain regions, where GDPR compliance is extremely important. SEO Services Pakistan program by SHIP has the top notch web developers who are highly experienced in solving these minor yet important problems. We will take care of all the factors that control your website’s trust score. If your visitors feel safe on your website, you will rank well on all the search engines.

    vi- Visitor’s temptation

Google has to know what you are trying to achieve via the web page. If you are selling a product, you must have a proper distribution of the PURCHASE call to action where required. Your visitors also need to know what you are selling and how to buy on your web portal. If Google sends a lot of traffic on your website and they do not convert into customers, you might not get the same traffic regularly. Google needs to know that the customers are not bouncing back from your website. Search engines love websites with a low bounce rate.

    vii- Added Value

Whatever content is there on your website. It has to be genuine. If it has to include content from other sources from the web, then it has to add value to the existing content. If the content on your website is copied and is not adding any value to the pre-existing content. Google really doesn’t need your website then. You will have to find a way to write genuine content or to add value to the copied content.

Let’s get an idea from this example. You have a website where you are showing online drama serials from YouTube. In that case, all of your content will come from YouTube. Google would not consider your website unless it adds value. The value could be adding reviews from people like they are on IMDB. The reviews from those who are posting on your web portal. Like adding an article with every episode, explaining what happened and what could make the presentation better.


2- Off-page SEO

Whatever happens off of your website and helps increase your rankings on the search engines is included in the off page SEO services. The elements that comprise to form off page SEO services will be discussed shortly. If I describe it briefly, it is a technique to build backlinks, referrals, social footprints and citations.

An easy way to understand off page SEO is to understand how referrals work in our real lives. We ask for a recommendation when we need to make a decision. We provide a recommendation when someone asks for it. This is exactly how search engines feel about your backlinks and the rest of the things we do in the off page SEO services. When a relatively better and authentic source holds your backlink, search engines rate your website as well. When the same search engines detect a backlink on a potentially harmful or spammy website, your website gets penalized as well.

I have described some of the important features that we cover when providing off page SEO services in Islamabad.

    i- The Best Backlinks for your Website

We have huge lists of top websites where we can create backlinks for your business. It is always important to create backlinks on the websites that are relevant and authentic. For example, we can create a backlink on Wikipedia for your business. This backlink is considered to be the highest valued in the off page SEO Services. We have hundreds of thousands of lists that are available to vew few SEO experts in Islamabad or anywhere else.

    ii- Social Media Footprints

Social Media defines how dynamic and well managed your business is. The management I am referring to is definitely online management. Search engines tend to get a positive vibe for the businesses that post regularly on social media. If your social media footprints are established then business growth is just a matter of time. There are hundreds of other benefits of running social media marketing campaigns that I have discussed in another article.

    iii- Populating your Business on Local and International Directories

People still use directories to find addresses and information. There are multiple directories for different kinds of businesses throughout the world. If you have a listing on these directories, it is highly likely that you will get clients directly from those sources. The benefit in regards to SEO would be that you will keep getting fresh backlinks and search engines will know that you are actively participating on the internet to promote your services or products. Techuire is one of the top SEO services providers in Islamabad having access to the world’s top directory listings.

    iv- Important Stuff

What I described above is just the tip of the iceberg. The real game begins when we start implementing the strategies. For example, creating backlinks on better websites is mentioned, but did I mention what are the best ways to create backlinks? Off course not because the details would just keep coming. Using the right anchor texts, the right sentences around your backlink anchor, the page where your backlink is created and the position of that backlink on the page. These are the few important elements of creating a useful backlink. This is where Techuire takes over. This is why we are ranked on top for providing SEO services in Islamabad.

Work with the best.

If you have made your mind and are going to ask for SEO services, why not work with the best? We are the top ranked SEO experts in Islamabad having the potential to substantially promote businesses. Give us a call. We will discuss the details and will suggest suitable packages.

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