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About Techuire

The best software house in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The competition of being among the best software houses in Islamabad, Pakistan was tricky. We took the challenge and converted into an opportunity. The quality of our services compared to the prices is phenomenal. Those who have worked with us are aware of it. We offer the best value for money. Contact us today for free consultation.


How it works


We do not just build websites, we create brands. We do it from scratch.


We receive your calls during the day. E-mail support is available 24/7.


No matter what you have to offer, we always over-deliver. Our team is committed to excellence.

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Our Clients Love Us

Client Testimonials

"Being the CTO of an IT company that is operating from Europe, it was never easy for me to work with a software house operating from another continent. However, Techuire has always been up to the mark. These guys are champions in web development. Trust me when I say this, I am a tough guy to work with. Hurrah! Techuire"

M Ali Reza

"I always speculated if a Software House in Islamabad, Pakistan could be as competent as we required. Techuire is the apple of an eye for me and my clients. They have never disappointed me or my clients in the United Estates. I love their after-sale services that not many companies can offer. I can keep going but I guess it will never be enough. These guys are wondrous.

Mr Zahid Hashwani


Our Team

M. Zeeshan

It is not just the development phase of a web application that we excel in. We are the ones who make sure it reaches its post-deployment goals.

R. Yasmin

As they say, Everything is designed. Few things are designed well. That's what we do here. We design your websites well enough to stand out.

M. Sanaullah

When we don't create things, we become defined by our tastes rather than ability. At SHIP, we believe in creating. Websites are old, we create brands. Interactive websites that show the best version of your business.

J. Shakeel

The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing. We promote your business seamlessly. We are united by our diverse ideas for business promotion. If you are not promoting your business, are you even doing anything?

Our Commitment

Less is more. We believe in keeping things simple and elegant. When we say simple, we do not mean adding a few Buy buttons on a website and waiting for the visitors to buy. We mean presenting the content in a way that makes things easier for your visitors. We are problem solvers. Work with us and you will know.

IT One of the world’s most competitive industries. A growing number of software houses in Islamabad in an indication of the fact. A positive side of the growth is that Pakistan is receiving billions of dollars in remittance. Most of the freelancers and software houses work for the clients in the United States and EU. A rough, might not be negative, side would be the quality factor. Not all of these software houses have an established quality control department. This might affect the customer’s interests. This might also affect the rapidly growing urge for innovative IT solutions. We have seen some of the largest businesses in Pakistan have outsourced their IT projects to the companies abroad.

We at Techuire feel proud to be the customer’s first choice. We have been working with clients abroad and within Pakistan. The experience has been phenomenal so far. There are multiple factors that combine to create an exquisite user experience. Let us describe what makes us stand out among the others.

What makes Techuire the Best Software House in Islamabad?

We spoke about some factors before. These elements combine to create a phenomenon that decides whether or not a customer is fully satisfied with the job. What we do at Techuire has made us proud and it has made our clients achieve their goals.

1- We’re keen listeners

The most important thing in the first phase is to understand the job at hand. We are very careful while going through the requirements. We are even more careful when creating a proposal after listening to the clients. Our team would ask necessary questions to formulate the best possible plan. The clients will be engaged in the process so they can maximize productivity. This is what a client expects from an accomplished software house. To be able to understand the problems and then be able to solve them. Talk to our sales team and you will know how effective we are in understanding the projects.

2- Strategy, Execution, Delivery

Since we are in the second phase and have acquired all the requirements. We then move towards planning. We create a strategy to go about a project. The size of the project does not matter. It has to go through all the phases. This is a culture that we have established. We believe that execution is ineffective without a strategy and a strategy is trivial without effective execution. Our team combines the elements and deliver high-quality products. This is one reason that places us among the best software houses in Islamabad.

3- Communication is the key

We believe that the clients need to be heard at every stage of the project. We establish a communication channel that in most cases is open 24/7 for the clients. We have received much feedback from the customers appreciating our communication channels. We are prompt in sharing updates and are even better in implementing enhancements. We are the best software house in Islamabad for a reason, right?

4- Customer Service

If you have ever worked with a software house in Islamabad or in any other part of the country. You will know how important customer service is. You will know the role of a maintenance team. If you are angry with the previous software company you worked with then you are going to love it with us. We don’t disappear after the project is completed. We are always available to help.

Since we know that 99.99% of our projects are bug-free upon deployment, we offer 100% free maintenance to our clients. Trust me, we do. However, if there is an exception and a customer needs help, we eagerly approach the site to resolve issues. We have standardized our customer service compared to some of the world’s top software companies.

The fundamentals

Being ordinary is easy. Being the best software house in Islamabad take efforts. Not only getting to the top is difficult but maintaining the badge is even harder. We have established some core values to retain this status. We have helped hundreds of business achieve their full potential. We believe that they are the best marketing team for us. All we have to do is keep excelling in our execution. This is exactly we do. With every returning client or a new client, we introduce the latest trends and technologies. We work on stuff that many software houses in Islamabad won’t dare.

If you are looking for a software house in Islamabad that puts all the efforts in making sure that you succeed. You need to contact us. We are an established software house and we know our strengths. Be confident that we will use our strengths to enhance your business. Our team will input all the skills to create products that stand out.

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